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ChatRoomsChatRooms.com does not host any chat rooms on our domain, we are a simple chat site directory where you will find links to online chat sites. We monitor all sites that are added to our directory to make sure that we bring you the best chat sites on the net. If you are a webmaster or member of a chat site, add your site here for review. If you are just looking for a place to chat, you will find all the best chat sites in our chat directory.

Chat rooms have been around for a very long time, in fact, they were one of the very first software programs to ever be used back in the 1980´s! Chatting online is a great free way of communication allowing the chatters to chat using either text or video chatting or both. You can be at different sides of the world and chat with people almost as if you are in the same room. Group chats are great fun, this is the main idea of chat rooms, a virtual online room full of people chatting as a community of chatters, it is done online, if it was done offline, it would simply be a room full of people chatting to each other, like a social community, bar or club.

Many people use chat rooms and online chatting services to search for partners for online dating and partnerships. Some are lonely or bored and use chat rooms to pass the time or find new friends from different parts of the world or even locally. Depending on the chat site that you choose will depend on the type of people you meet. There are many different categories of chat rooms to cater for many different types of people, you may find that certain types of chat sites do not appeal to you, don´t let this put you off, you will find the place that suits you eventually.

The safer chat rooms to use are the ones that are moderated by teams of admin staff and moderators who keep out Internet predators and malicious content. You can always spot an admin or a moderator in a chat room because their name would be a different colour to the normal chatters or in bold. When you first join one of these chat rooms, it is always a good idea to ask the chat staff about the rules and this will give you a lot of respect straight away. Admins and mods will introduce you to other chatters and help you break the ice, just as long as you are friendly and follow the chat site rules, if not, you could be banned from a site that might have become one of your favourite websites!


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Chatting live online is great fun, ChatRoomsChatRooms.com is a directory of places to chat online. Find the best chat rooms around in our chat directory.

Our chat site directory is a place where webmasters of chat sites can add their website(s) for public rating and reviews.

The chat sites are rated by the public and listed by the most popular. Some chat sites are added to our directory by admin staff for public rating.

We want to provide an honest directory of websites to provide our visitors with a better chatting experience by directing you to the best rated chat sites that are rated by you!

This directory is not limited to only webmaster submissions, chat site members can submit their favourite chat sites for review by other members of chat sites. There are thousands of chat sites on the Internet and we are going to provide our users links to the highest rated chat sites on the net!

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